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PRV University

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PRV University
Midwest Valve Services, 112 South Ridge Road, Minooka, IL 60447

Pressure Relief Valve Introduction

Pressure Relief Valve Training For Technicians & Reliability Pros
A Practical Approach To Understanding and Specifying PRVs
Plant Managers, Technicians & Reliability Professionals: Join us for expert advice, the latest technology and useful real world experience. You are invited to attend an introductory seminar on pressure relief valve (PRV) technology. You will learn how to specify reliable PRVs to help achieve safety in your operations. In day-to-day plant operation, your have a long list of concerns, like meeting production schedules, maintaining product quality, and improving the efficiency of plant utilities, to name just a few. The last thing you should have to worry about is the performance of your PRVs. Correct understanding of function and selection are critical for reliable operation. Proper sizing, selection, and maintenance of PRVs is crucial to process control loop operation. Our instructors will share their knowledge and experience of PRVs through lecture and question-and-answer format.