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Midwest Valve Services

Valve Repair, Testing & Maintenance Services:
At your site or in our facility, we can evaluate and repair the following equipment regardless of manufacturer:
• Control valves, isolation valves, regulators, and control instruments
• Gate, globe, ball, butterfly, plug, and check valves
• Electric, pneumatic, and hydraulic actuators
• Pressure Relief Valves

Utilizing state-of the-art diagnostic, measurement, weld repair, and machining equipment, we provide comprehensive valve repair regardless of valve type, pressure class, or manufacturer.
• Emerson LifeCycle certified control valve diagnostic evaluation, repair, and calibration.
• Experience including gate, globe, check, ball, butterfly, plug, knife gate, boot, diaphragm, shutter, and other valve types.
• Packing extraction and repack available without bonnet removal using pressurized water extraction.
• Valve stem & packing bore weld repair using certified, automated processes.
• Significant experience manufacturing high-pressure bonnet seals.
• Pre-outage predictive diagnostic services including flow scanning, valve signature, and ultrasonic leak detection testing.

We are National Board certified for repair of safety and relief valves, regardless of manufacturer, media, or pressure class. Certified services are available on-site or at one of our local repair facilities, featuring:
• Repair record greater than 90%, compared to replacement with new product.
• Secure on-line record of survey, testing and repair available through our website.
• Mobile repair trailers, on-site rebuilding, and AccuTEST testing equipment.
• OEM assembly available for Anderson Greenwood, and Crosby valves.

We offer local repair and exchange programs for pneumatic, electric, and hydraulic actuation.
• Seal, O-ring, and bearing upgrades available for most cylinders.
• Complete motor operator repair including control electronics, limit / torque switches, gear drives, and motors.
• Complete hydraulic operator repair including controls, servo valves, cylinders, accumulators, and motors.
• Local fabrication of brackets, mounting plates, trunnions, yokes, and drive nuts.

We understand what matters most to your operation. Protecting plant personnel and critical assets means partnering with a company that knows what is really important:
•Trust   • Certified Technicians   • Quality Control   • Experienced
• Code and Insurance Compliance   • Reliability
• Maintenance and Planning Expertise   • Turnaround Success   • Documentation

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