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Actuation Repair Services
Comprehensive value-added actuator service package

Comprehensive value-added actuator service package

Now you can partner with a single valve and actuator service source that can keep your downtime and costs to a minimum. The experts at Midwest Valve Services understand the importance of specializing in both valves and actuators. Valve or actuation problems can often be the result of one another. So it is important to look at these two asset types as an overall package.

Internal valve issues with seating, shutoff, trim condition, torque requirements and positioning can be directly impacted by the health of the valve’s actuator. Similarly, actuators can be directly impacted by the condition of the valve underneath. Failure to maintain both items can lead to premature wear or even catastrophic failure. Partner with a company that has the expertise to keep both assets in top working condition.

Repair Capabilities Include:

• Removal and re-installation

• Complete disassembly, chemical cleaning, media blast and inspection with photo documentation

• Limit and torque switch refurbishment

• Inspection & rewiring of electrical compartment

• Replacement of parts as necessary

• Assembly with new grease and seals

• Machine new stem nuts

• Manufacture and install mounting plates

• Test run to verify operation

• Painting and detail

• Pictorial report documentation

• Start-up and Commissioning
Before & After Repairs
Before & After Repairs
Typical actuator control switch compartment before repairs (above) shows contamination, rust and corrosion, worn electrical contacts, and damaged wiring. The finished repair job (below) shows clean surfaces, replaced new wiring, switches and circuits ensuring like-new performance.

Actuator & Gearbox Lubrication

Maintaining Actuator Reliability: Lubrication is one of the most important components utilized inside electric actuators. Unfortunately, it is also the most neglected. Actuators are often subjected to extreme service conditions and get little attention or routine maintenance until problems arise. The use of high quality grease is essential in achieving actuator reliability between scheduled maintenance intervals.

Exxon Nebula™, the traditional grease most commonly used in MOV (motor-operated valve) actuators, has been phased out. Nebula, widely used across many industries, was prone to age-hardening and had a tendency to thicken in service over time, leading to excessive wear and premature failure. The preferred alternative to the obsolete Exxon Nebula is a product called MOV Extra™ which was designed specifically for MOV actuator gear housings, limit switch gear housings, and bevel gear operators. Midwest Valve Services uses MOV Extra as actuator lubricant as required.

Above: worm gear that has been subjected to high torque load with improper lubrication; (below) worm gear failure detail.

The importance of routine MOV actuator Preventative Maintenance:

Whether performing a PM or full rebuild of an actuator, we provide complete documentation to help manage your asset lifecycle records via our ARMR customer portal with these features:

• Real time, pictorial reporting
• Organized asset information with search features
• Ease of use
• 24/7 Access
• Database containing complete asset history
• As-Found / As-Left Condition and Settings
• Photo Log
• All Technical Info and Data Sheets
• Motor Data
• Condition Grade
• Summary Report
• Maintenance Scheduling
Choose a rigorous preventative maintenance program to increase reliability and improve productivity.
Partner with an experienced single-source for valve actuator reliability services and project management.
Contact us today to talk to an expert about your immediate actuator repair needs and how to help you reduce downtime and increase your operation's productivity.
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