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Preventative Maintenance
Electric Actuator PM Survey

Electric Actuator PM Survey

Electric Actuators are often subjected to extreme service conditions and get little attention or maintenance until problems arise. We recommend routine maintenance checks every twelve months to ensure proper, reliable operation. A PM Survey is the best way to gauge reliability, schedule future repairs, and budget for outages and turnarounds.

Actuator PM Survey & Inspection

• Record actuator data and provide pictorial report documentation in Midwest Valve Services customer-accessible portal ARMR™.
• Record name plate data.
• Visually inspect for damage or stress fractures.
• Inspect for loose bolting.
• Inspect for grease leaks.
• Manually stroke the actuator.
• Remove small grease sample to be inspected and analyzed.
• Open limit switches.
• Inspect for loose or brittle wires.
• Electrically operate the actuator to check for noisy bearings or potential binding during operation.
• Check current draw to verify it is within nameplate tolerances.
• Create summary Survey Report with prioritization of recommended repairs.


Whether performing a PM or full rebuild of an actuator, we provide complete documentation to help manage your asset lifecycle records via our ARMR customer portal:
• As-Found / As-Left Condition and Settings
• Photo Log
• All Technical Info and Data Sheets
• Motor Data
• Condition Grade
• Summary Report
• Maintenance Scheduling

Asset Reliability Management and Reporting (ARMR) was developed to meet our customer’s need for driving improved asset reliability, data compliance, repair reports, real time repair updates and the ability to better predict and schedule maintenance activity. ARMR advantages:

Customer web portal
Real time, pictorial reporting
Organized asset information with search features
Ease of use
24 / 7 / 365 Access
Database containing complete asset history
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