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Shafer™ Actuator Winterization and Preventive Maintenance
Shafer actuators have proven to be the highest reliability actuators available. Without preventive maintenance, though, a Shafer actuator can lose decades of useful life. The cost-effective preventive maintenance program from Midwest Valve Services is designed to maximize the longevity and reliability of your isolation actuators, ensuring they are always ready to do their job.
Trust in Excellence, Rely on Expertise

Trust in Excellence, Rely on Expertise

With years of experience, our factory trained technicians are adept at identifying and resolving any potential issues with your Shafer actuators. Our specialty is optimizing their lifespan, saving you time and resources in the long run.
Issues Found, Documented and Addressed (when authorized):

Issues Found, Documented and Addressed (when authorized):

  • Oil leaking from exhaust (environmental issue)
  • Low oil level (reliability issue)
  • Oil leaks over the valve (environmental issue)
  • Gas leaks (environmental and commercial issue)
  • Plugged filters (reliability issue)
  • Moisture inside the actuator or reservoirs (corrosion/reliability issue)
  • Part availability status
  • Operational concerns
  • Safety concerns
Maintenance Scope

Maintenance Scope

  • Inspect for fluid and gas leaks
  • Clean filters
  • Drain moisture from the actuator and reservoir tanks
  • Refill oil in actuator and reservoir tanks to recomended levels
  • Verify internal seal performance
  • Test partial stroke with hand pump
  • Test partial stroke with gas
  • Deliver summary report with findings and recommended actions (Individual reports available through Novaspect Customer Portal)
Contact us today to talk to an expert about the Shafer maintenance and winterization program and how we can help you reduce downtime and increase your operation's productivity.
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