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Mobile Capability
Valve Repair, Testing, and Maintenance: Onsite and On-Demand
Mobile Valve Shop

Valve Repair, Testing, and Maintenance: Onsite and On-Demand

• Fully Equipped, Self-Sufficient Unit with On-Site Services
• Pressure Relief Valve Certified Testing
• National Board Accredited VR Program


Problem: Turnaround downtime can eat you alive.

In this competitive economy, the difference between a profitable oil & gas processing plant and a marginal one depends on efficiency and availability. So more than ever, reducing valve maintenance labor costs and downtime become critical to your bottom line.

As a result, the mobile valve repair shop has become a necessity to adjust to the demands of outage schedules and the need for skilled, certified valve technicians deployed on-site. Instead of transporting valves from each gas processing site to a remote repair location, leading processors want their testing and repair services on-site and on-demand.

To respond to this industry need, Midwest Valve Services (MVS) has launched its newly redesigned and equipped Mobile Valve Shop as an extension of their certified valve repair facilities located in Mandan (ND), Wausau (WI), and Minooka (IL). The 53-foot trailer is fully equipped with specialized tools and equipment to perform valve testing, repair, and maintenance. The MVS Mandan shop is authorized by the National Board of Boiler and Pressure Vessel Inspectors to provide ASME Section I and VIII testing and repair of pressure relief valves in steam, air/gas, and liquid applications.
The MVS mobile valve shop provides the flexibility to accommodate unplanned repairs and make turnarounds more efficient. On-site machining, testing, and diagnostics capabilities minimize or eliminate unnecessary travel to remote locations to perform certain activities. The new trailer is self-sufficient and fully equipped with  almost everything a valve technician needs, including power generation and compressed air. For more details, download complete brochure PDF.

Other MVS Mobile Valve Shop Benefits:

• Local Service: Dispatched from its Mandan (ND) base, the Mobile Valve Shop has easy access to the Bakken region customers’ sites. In addition, the trailer makes onsite visits to customers throughout the Novaspect / Midwest Valve Services territory in the Midwest USA.
• Experience: MVS has a proven track record of expertise, trusted by major industry companies who have used our services in their operations.
• Range of Capability:​ MVS is able to test and repair a wide range of pressure relief valves installed on smaller 1/2-inch and up to larger 6x8 flange connections.
• Convenience:​ Technicians perform on-site turnkey valve removal, testing, and re-installation.
• Reduced Downtime:​ Because valves don’t have to leave the site, the process takes less time.
• Lower Inventory Costs:​ Since technicians can repair valves within a shorter time frame, fewer spares are required in stock.
• Certification:​ Testing is performed on a portable test stand, in compliance with NBIC VR Program (National Board Inspection Code).
• Identification & Traceability:​ Technicians utilize Class I Division II Field Tablets, along with Class I Division I Bluetooth barcode readers, accurate bar coding and tagging system.
• Documentation:​ Technicians complete detailed record keeping of testing and repair reports. All information is tracked and managed in an online database.
• NBIC VR Certified:​ Test and repair procedures are performed using calibrated instruments. Technicians can test, repair, and re-certify as required. If a valve fails, then it is rebuilt, retested, and repeated until acceptable.
• Responsive & Timely:​ Mobile shop responds to demand, dispatched to site; capable of providing prompt services within a shorter window of opportunity, precisely where needed.
• Capacity:​ 53-foot climate-controlled trailer is designed and equipped to accommodate a wide range of valves with temperature-controlled testing and repair conditions.
• Fully Self-Sufficient:​ The completely independent unit is self-contained, equipped with onboard diesel generator and fully equipped to provide compressed air, electricity, and water. No additional plant support is required.

CAPABILITY: Equipped with valve industry specialized testing and repair equipment, plus tools onboard, including: a lathe, full size mill, media blasting equipment, test equipment, portable lapping equipment, calibration instruments, and maintenance reliability software.
EXPEDIANCE: The process requires minimal set-up and teardown in a convenient location selected by customer.
AVAILABILITY: The mobile shop is scheduled per customer requirements for three to six days, or as needed; emergency service is also available on request.
ALL MAJOR RELIEF VALVE BRANDS ARE SERVICED: including, but not limited to: Mercer, Consolidated, Wellmark, Anderson Greenwood, Crosby, Taylor, & Farris
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