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Coker Valve Repair
Highly corrosive and high-temperature conditions are rough on valves.

Highly corrosive and high-temperature conditions are rough on valves.

Coker furnace feed applications are damaging to isolation valves due to the erosive flow, high temperature, and composition of the hydrocabons contained. Returning valves and actuators to like-new condition after operating in this environment is critical to continuous plant management in refineries that specialize in coker production. Midwest Valve Services handles coker operation valves that other shops don't touch.

Critical assets in a successful coker production operation...

With many refineries worldwide producing as much as 2,000 to 3,000 tons per day of petroleum coke, the equipment that controls that flow needs to be reliable and with available replacement spares ready at hand for shutdowns and turnarounds. They might be new ones, but smart plant managers prefer repaired units just waiting to be installed at a fraction of the cost. Why take a chance on an undependable repair shop? Call Midwest Valve Services first.

Choose a valve repair shop with the special tools and expertise to restore coker valves to like-new condition.
Choose a valve shop with certified procedures and methods for specialized equipment repair with decades of refinery experience.
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