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Fugitive Emissions Sealing
EPA now enforcing consent decrees

EPA now enforcing consent decrees

With tighter EPA Fugitive Emission restrictions limiting valve leakage rates to less than 100 ppm and requiring a manufacturer-backed guarantee for a period of five years, valve condition and packing technology is critical.

The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is enforcing Consent Decrees for fugitive emissions in both the HPI and CPI industries. Now is the time to partner with a company that has a comprehensive valve service package: proven valve sealing experience and cutting edge packing technology needed to meet the demands of “Low E” compliance. For more details about our Fugitive Emissions Program, download our brochure.

Why Risk Costly Fines?

Why Risk Costly Fines?

Choose a trusted partner with the experience and proven results. One source has over 45 years of valve sealing know-how and industrial expertise: Midwest Valve Services. Simply put, they have learned what it takes to make valve applications work properly. Valve and packing integrity is critical to safety, equipment longevity, leakage control and overall valve function.

Most valve rebuild shops do an adequate job in making a valve function in the short run, but are less concerned about the key details that contribute to long packing life and leak-free service. However, the best do, and that’s why MVS has backed up their packing products and services with a five-year leak-free guarantee and have done so for over 30 years. This reputation has made them an industry leader in providing innovative leakage control systems– and in using several packing systems with a track record of success, ranging from fugitive emissions to high-pressure steam service.

Shown at right: Technician extracts old packing from gate valve with special compressed-air & liquid-jet packing extractor.

Proper Valve Packing Prevents Fugitive Emissions
Proper Valve Packing Prevents Fugitive Emissions
Cross section diagram shows location of packing materials in valve mechanical design.
Midwest Valve Services recommends Chesterton fluid sealing products
Midwest Valve Services recommends Chesterton fluid sealing products
Chesterton® packing products including 1622 low emissions graphite tape are specified by Midwest Valve Services for highest reliability in preventing fugitive emissions in our valve repairs.
Motor-Operated Valves: Live Loading
Motor-Operated Valves: Live Loading
Chesterton valve cartridge with live-loading feature to improve packing reliability. Cartridge-style live loading provides visual gland torque verification and stored elastic energy with minimal stem friction.
ARMR® Portal Assures Customer Project Data Documentation

ARMR® Portal Assures Customer Project Data Documentation

While performing each valve repair procedure, technicians collect valve repair project data and archive it in real time with the use of a laptop, tablet or mobile phone. Asset data will then be available online for customer viewing and verification 24 / 7 / 365. More details on our ARMR™ portal.

Midwest Valve Services provides a comprehensive services approach:

Pre-turnaround planning & support, in-plant surveys, walkdowns, project managment
Turnaround services & onsite valve repair
Documentation & post-turnaround support
Chesterton style 1622 packing feature
Valve packing emission warranty
Block valves: single spool Low E solutions
Motor-operated valves: Live Loading
Your Leak Protection & Repair (LDAR) program partner
Valve packing extraction & repack services
Documented component repair
Valve stem repair
Stuffing box bore repair
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