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Pressure Relief Valve Services

Trust. Quality. Experience.

We are National Board certified for repair of safety and relief valves, regardless of manufacturer, media, or pressure class. Certified services are available on-site or at one of our local repair facilities, featuring:

• Repair record greater than 90%, compared to replacement with new product.

• Secure on-line record of survey, testing and repair available through our ARMR™ customer portal.

• Mobile repair trailers, on-site rebuilding, and AccuTEST testing equipment.

• OEM assembly available

We understand what matters most to your operation. Protecting plant personnel 
and critical assets means partnering with a company that knows what is really important:


• Certified Technicians

• Quality Control

• Experience

• Code and Insurance Compliance

• Reliability

• Maintenance and Planning Expertise

• Turnaround Success

• Documentation

Utilizing state-of the-art diagnostic, measurement, weld repair, and machining equipment, we provide comprehensive valve repair regardless of valve type, pressure class, or manufacturer.

Introducing the AccuTEST System

Midwest Valve Services now uses the latest technology in pressure relief valve testing: AccuTEST. The fully automated valve test system utilizes a computer-controlled electric motor in conjunction with system pressure to verify set point. This test accurately determines if a valve lifts within set point tolerance. More details about AccuTEST.

Database of Valve Specifications

Database of Valve Specifications

The AccuTEST system is a fully automated test system with several features that make it easier and safer for technicians to test valves in the field. Utilizing the industry’s most advanced software, this fully automated system virtually eliminates the possibility of human error throughout every stage of operation, from automatic sensor calibration to output of final test results. In addition, an acoustic signature can be recorded to help verify set point while normalizing background noise. An integrated database of valve specifications from all major valve manufacturers also allows new valve specs to be entered as needed.
Set pressures automatically calculated by measuring lift force, line pressure, and acoustic trigger.
Universal mounting assembly enables use on all types of exposed spindle valves.
Load rig allows for lift forces up to 4,500 kg (10,000 lb).
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