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Relief Valve Repair
Pressure Relief Valve Testing & Repair

Pressure Relief Valve Testing & Repair

In day-to-day plant operation, our customers have a long list of concerns, like meeting production schedules, maintaining product quality, and improving the efficiency of plant utilities, to name just a few. The last thing they want to worry about is the performance of their plant’s PRVs. So they need a valve shop to trust with their PRV inventory for testing and maintenence.

What is a PRV?

What is a PRV?

Commonly used in industries which use high-pressure steam, other gasses or liquids in their process, a pressure relief valve is designed to open to relieve excess pressure and to re-close to prevent the further flow of gas or fluid after normal conditions have been restored. In the Midwest Valve Services' PRV Asset Optimization Program, the repair and testing procedures include:

• Upon receipt at your local Midwest Valve Services location, all customer-owned spare units are cataloged with bar code and Work Order Number into our ARMR™ system.

• Cataloging includes both valve tag data as well as specifics about plant location where the asset can be utilized in the customer’s system.
PRV Repair Procedures

PRV Repair Procedures

• Valves are disassembled, cleaned and inspected.

• All components are repaired or replaced as required by code and manufacturers’ tolerances.

• The valve is loosely assembled and stored in a designated warehouse location; tracked via our business system, ARMR™.

• Final assembly, set, test, and tagging is performed when the valve is required for installation or in advance of a planned Shutdown / Turnaround / Outage (STO).

• Units are painted and detailed in accordance with MVSP 8-R.2 or per customer requirements.

• A real-time, up-to-date view is available of all assets in ARMR.
Maintain Compliance with Onsite Testing

Maintain Compliance with Onsite Testing

• For relief valves that cannot be removed from service or have spares readily available, onsite testing can provide test results that meet code compliance, insurance requirements and support the needs of a PRV reliability program.

• The use of a mobile lift assist device will verify if the valve lifts within set point tolerance while the process stays running.
PRV testing is crucial to ensure the "last line of defense" for your high-pressure operaton's reliability and safety..
Our Asset Optimization program is designed to provide real asset management for the lifecycle of your pressure relief valves.
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