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Pressure Relief/<br>Safety Valve Repairs
Pressure Relief/<br>Safety Valve Repairs
<span style="color:#00488e;">Enhance Reliability. Mitigate Risk of Failure.<Br>Maintain the Safety of Personnel, Equipment, & the Community.</span>
Enhance Reliability. Mitigate Risk of Failure.
Maintain the Safety of Personnel, Equipment, & the Community.
Pressure relief valves (PRVs) and safety valves play a vital role in safeguarding equipment, acting as your last line of defense against damage or catastrophic failure. Over time, these valves experience wear, corrosion, and other issues, necessitating repairs to ensure they operate reliably. We have specialized expertise and the proper certifications to give you peace of mind, including a VR Certificate of Authorization from the National Board of Boiler and Pressure Vessel Inspectors.
<span style="color:#00488e;">PRV Certification</span>
PRV Certification
As a VR Certificate of Authorization and VR Stamp holder, Midwest Valve Services is authorized to provide ASME Section I and VIII testing and repair of pressure relief valves in steam, air/gas, and liquid applications. The VR Stamp serves as certification that our repair work has been conducted in compliance with established standards and that we are qualified to do the proper repair of your relief valves. Upon completion of our service, we provide a detailed report that lists the parts that were machined or replaced, as well as the certification test results. Look to Midwest Valve Services to conduct your next annual PRV inspections or other recertifications. Learn More.
<span style="color:#00488e;">PRV Asset Optimization Program</span>
PRV Asset Optimization Program

Managing the last line of defense is critical to your plant’s safety, profitability, and reliability. Our PRV Asset Optimization Program is designed to provide real asset management for the lifecycle of your pressure relief valves, enabling you to focus on other priorities.
Program Benefits:

  • Proactive maintenance planning and scheduling through spare inventory management.
  • Lower overall maintenance costs with one-time removal and installation. Reduce delivery charges, downtime, and the need for expediting parts.
  • Lower risk and increased safety with less time spent doing maintenance activities at the site.
  • Reduce emergency work requests with on-demand asset readiness.
  • Maintain compliance to regulatory codes and standards with real-time data.
Our PRV/Safety Valve Repair Services Include:
Replacement of Worn Parts
Leak Detection
Cleaning & Decontamination
Calibration & Adjustments
Functional Testing
On-Site or at Our Service Centers
Whether at your site or in one of our facilities, we can evaluate and repair your equipment regardless of manufacturer. Our rigorous training and real-world experience mean that you get experienced and knowledgeable certified technicians who are dedicated to serving your needs. We are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Our service centers are conveniently located in Minooka, IL; Mosinee, WI; Des Moines, IA; Mandan, ND; and Woodbury, MN.